CmsAddons Support Policies

CmsAddons Support Policies
This support policy is applied for all product and services which is sold by CmsAddons and Our Seller Partners on CmsAddons. All the partners, clients and CmsAddons staff have to comply with the policy. CmsAddons team has the full right to update the policy any time and the change will have immediate effect on any support case since the day of revise.

Clause 1. What is included in the support

– Answer your general questions about the item and how to use it.
– Answer your specific questions about the features and functionality of the item
– Provide the fix bugs to core CMS versions if this is not a core bug reported officially by CMS community but on our side mistake during the development of our products
– Client can report and discuss bugs and minor item defects with us, and we are expected to be available to assist you with reported bugs. If appropriate, we may issue bug fixes directly to you as part of item support. (If we decide to address a bug fix through a general version update, that update will be available to all buyers.)
– If you installed on your Local Host, then you can’t be supported.

Clause 3. Refund policy

To make sure the CmsAddons staff and customers have a good negotiation before a client claims a refund, here are some rules:
A customer cannot get full refund if:
– The client has downloaded the item bought. As the system records their download times, so there will be a clear proof relating to this matter.
– Never request a refund for a product if you have not used it and decided that you don’t need it after purchasing. All the same cases will be completely refused from our side.
– You don’t open any email support
– You write a bad review of the product before asking for any support
– You don’t contact us before but opening a Paypal dispute
– You refuse to give us information to give support
– You treat the supporter in rude manner without respect
– Customer have rejected issues ticket and not in corporate with us to solve the problem

Clause 4. Download, Support and Upgrade the Product within 6 months

All the products listed on CmsAddons marketplace should be downloaded, upgraded and supported within 6 months from the purchased date.
After purchasing our products, you can access and download this products included its upgraded version if it is available on system.
In most case, please contact our support team and explain your situation so we can give a best deal to help you in a goodwill, but not compulsory case.